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Friday, June 22, 2012

Sun, fun & SPF

The girls & me have been having fun in the sun this week!!

My red head has been enjoying the sun so much more than usual due to some new sunscreen that is now available on the market.

Banana Boat has a sunscreen that is SPF 100!!!
I kid you not, it is a wonderful thing for white white skin that fries like bacon out in the sun.

The second product is the face stick that is by Neutrogena that is marketed for babies thst now comes in SPF 60 -that is a big improvement from what used to be on the market -SPF 45 was all I used to be able to find. Which just wasn't strong enough. Even when applying once every hour my poor girls face would burn. (which means skin damage what girl wants that!!). I'm not sure with all the attention on skin damage why Neutrogena is marketing this for babies, I would think it would be a great product to market to ladies that are concerned about sun on their hands while driving and running errands. The stick allows easy application without getting it on your fingertips.

The sun was out today,the other two girls that tan and usually never burn -who use a lower SPF got burnt today, but not my red head!!

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