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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

My mom makes the best...

I've actually hosted a party with the exact theme before for a Mom's Night Out. It was a lot of fun & a great way to get to know each other better. But let me not get off subject.
My Mom makes the best Chocolate Frosting and Chocolate Pie!

Her frosting will ruin you for store bought kind!! So warning "serve this at your own risk!!!" Cuz, honey once your family has had a taste of this frosting they will grumble & whine every time you try to serve frosting from a tub!!!!

My Momma's Chocolate Frosting:
1/2 stick of margarine
3 T Cocoa powder, heaping Tablespoons!!!
1lb of powdered sugar
1 tsp. vanilla
1/4 C milk* (warning read directions before adding!)

Melt margarine in microwave, set aside. Place powdered sugar in medium mixing bowl. Stir in cocoa, add melted margarine, vanilla, & *****1/2 the milk.

Beat with mixer, if needed add more milk SLOWLY till you get the right consistency. Frost cooled cake.

Now you will remember that I did boast that my momma also made the very best you have ever had Choclate pie but I am going to save that recipe for when I cover another lady. (Since my momma did learn this recipe from my father's side of the family-)

This is my favorite picture of me & my mom. It was taken on one of our "girl's day out". It holds such a special memory for me!

My momma taught me so much! Ha!, besides All of the basics, potty training, no hitting, sit with your knees together, sit up don't slouch, ladies don't spit, please don't chew with your mouth open, don't wear white after Labor day, and no white shoes until Easter, etc... (are you getting the idea that I was a handful, it's because I was! I was 5'7 by 6th grade! My momma had a challenge of turning me into a lady, for that alone I am thankful.).

However, my mom taught me some other "life" lessons along the way: the importance of attending church, the value of having girlfriends in your life, and you never outgrow creating! You should do what you love be it: art, writing, dancing, music. You should enjoy life as your passing through it! And like my momma always said to me in times of crisis, taken from one of my favorite movies from my teen years (Gone with the Wind) "well Scarlet, tomorrow is another day!". Meaning this too will pass & even if it "felt" like my world was ending (oh the dramatic life of teenage girls!) life would go on! (wether I wanted it to or not) another very important lesson!

I am very thankful for my mom!

What did your momma make that you loved?

What can you boast about, "My momma makes the best________!".
I would love to know!

Hope your beating the heat wherever you are! (it's supposed to be at least 100 degrees here today in Oklahoma)


  1. Oh, Thank you!
    My heart is FULL!!
    That is one of my faorite photos too!

  2. Wonderful statement about your Mom, Amy. I'm grinning ear-to-ear at the love you two share.

  3. You Momma did one fine job of raising you too!! What a beautiful post.
    Madi's Mom Here: My Mama made the best chocolate pound cake...with real butter and great big eggs.

    Madi the cat here: My Mom makes absolutely the best homemande cornbread in NC and maybe the entire southeast. Yes I eat it...as soon as I hear the oven door open I come running waiting for it to cool off.
    Hugs Madi and Mom

  4. PS homemade...not homemande...MOL

  5. What a lovely tribute to your mom! Now I need to taste her chocolate frosting AND cake. We play Words With Friends, so maybe if I beat her that should be my reward. What does my mom make that I love? Potato salad. I can never duplicate it exactly, and no one makes it as good as she does. Fun post!

  6. I posted here but clicked to read older posts. I don't think I hit publish soon enough. So I am at it again.

    My mom makes the best carrot cake. I have yet to find one to be as good as hers. She showed me that throwing a slipper at us while she was on the phone met to be quiet. But most of all she taught me how to laugh and have fun. I love my mom. I'm here from your moms blog. :)

  7. I love that tribute to your sweet mama! And what a great picture of the two of you! I always wanted to be tall!

    My mama taught us to make many things, but most of all showed us how to make a home!

  8. What a sweet post about your mom! And...thanks for the frosting recipe! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  9. I so love your mama's blog.. and now I have you that I can follow as well!! You have your mama's wit and fun writing style and I am so happy to have found you! AND that frosting recipe is very similar the the one my mom used to make and really... I should have skimmed over that part instead of reading it over and over again and lusting after the perfect, rich creamy chocolate frosting that could top my favorite chocolate cake if I were to get the ingredients and make it myself... but oh, I have to stop thinking about this.
    Love your blog! You're mama must be proud.

  10. What a sweet post! Hope my girl can say such nice things about me when she grows up.

    But, and I do hate to disagree, buy MY MOM makes the best chocolate pie in the whole entire world. Really!

    I know - my first time visit and I start a disagreement. Hope you can forgive me!



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