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Monday, June 11, 2012

The One sentence Challenge

Ok, here is the challenge that really got to me this weekend. I was listening to "Elevation Church" podcast while cleaning up the kitchen the other night. When Steven Furtick (the pastor of Elevation Church) challenged everyone to put in one sentence what they want their life to stand for, or what you would want others to say about you after you have lived your life.

Because how we live this life is important! We are leaving a legacy what will mine be?

So at first I thought about the old Japanese proverbs:
Fall down seven times, get up eight.

I thought I could tweak it:
Fall down seven times, and by the Grace of God get up eight.

However, after I thought of it, while I do want that to be part of my story-do I really want that to be All of my story. No, not really.
I would really like it to be said that:

Amy loved others like God loved them.

Which when I started to think about made me giggle because if I was to really start to love others as Christ. I would have to "give up all my little "pettiness" of feelings & thoughts and love others". How, by doing what Steven Furtick said, "re-cast the staring role of my story with Jesus, not myself"

Whoa! Your probably thinking that "aren't you, supposed to be doing that al ready." Well yes, I am. However it can be harder to "do" than it seems. I admit when someone has been rude or hurtful in their actions or words to one of my daughter's & then I run into that person at a store etc.. It can be hard to be really loving. Really looking at that person and seeing what they are needing, being willing to see that person as God sees them & not thinking little judgementally thoughts (I know! I am probably all alone here, when I think or wonder if some teens or kids are acting all nice or sweet in a fake way as being an "Eddy Haskell". Does anyone remember who that character was from Leave it to Beaver"?)

Well I am going to try to start "capturing" my thought life, and not let my thought life control me. I want Jesus to be my main character of my story. So that maybe, my sentence of my life will be:

Amy really loved others, like God loved others.

What would your sentence be???? Or what do you want it to be?

will you need to change anything to make sure that your sentence is true?



  1. Amy I have thought about this same thing several times....Truthfully, there are many things I hope to remembered for but I pray that people will say...Now, that was woman after God's heart! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  2. Hi Amy, just making sure you got your email(Invite)

  3. That's beautiful. After reading yours, it would be hard to come up with something better than that?!
    I know exactly what you mean about capturing your thought life. I have to rein myself in on a regular basis.

  4. Love this! But, it is a toughie...
    For me, I'd prob go with: "Well done thy good and faithful servant."



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