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Monday, April 12, 2010

Where am I from?

Well that is a good question, but not one that gives you an understanding as to who I am. I am from Tulsa, Oklahoma. Tulsa is not as large as some Big cities however it is Large enough to have not only different schools, but also different school districts cutting into the town. Which was my situation. I went to Union Public Schools that drew its students from parts of Tulsa, Broken Arrow, Bixby, and Jenks town. Due to this we did not have hometown parades for Homecoming, nor did we have the elementary honor roll in the town paper. My parents only knew my friends parents - not everyone in town so I could get away with quite a bit. The worse thing I feared growing up was doing something to disappoint my parents and they would tell my grandparents about it!! So knowing where I am from does not let you learn alot about me.
Now if you asked the southern question "Who are your people?" that would tell you alot about me!!!! I was raised by parents who were raised by depression babies, World War 2 vets, people who believed that your word meant something. You took care of what you had. You did not waste money, you prepared for the future because you never knew what might happen. One set of grandparents were God fearing people, the other set a moral ethical people who loved each other very much and both lived long enough to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary's. So that tells you what fabric my parents were cut from, and what values I was raised with.
Does that mean I embraced all their values from day one-nope! Does that mean I did not mess up -nope! However I have learned each year the values that I saw my grandparents, and parents live out. It means so much to me - I hope I am real, and I mean "real" in living those values out for my children to learn from!! And the things I have not mastered yet, that my kids will learn from my mistake. (just a small note -I now live in a smaller community right outside of Tulsa, that does allow my kids to have the parades, newspaper articles, and the threat of "everybody" will know!-love it!!! and hopeful the double threat that their grandparents might find out if they act up!)


  1. These larger school districts scare me to death! My son is going to BA, and of course I came from a senior class of 35! WOW! So my parents of course really did know everything I did. Good luck w/ your girls and I pray that you have the type of relationship w/ them that they never have to worry about hiding things from you! Thanks for playing along, it was great getting to know you! You RHOK!
    ♥Mrs. Hart♥

  2. We moved from a good-sized school system (2500 in each of 2 high schools) to one with only 1500 in the whole school system. They boys had some adjusting to do, especially since I knew most of their teachers growing up!

  3. I already knew where you came from but still I enjoyed reading this post! Thanks for linking up with the RHOK this week!
    See you Weds?

  4. I think it's interesting how different the lifestyles are between the larger towns and the smaller towns in OK. Smaller towns seem to be like the neighborhoods of the bigger towns. All the same, yet totally different.

    Happy WW!

  5. I had cousins that went to Union.

    And my Pa-Pa was in WWII.

    I've loved finding all the similarities and differences in all of us!

    Great post!



  6. Loved this! I certainly could relate to what people you come from. I liked that take on it. Good job!
    Thanks for linking up with The RHOK!

    ~Mrs. Albright

  7. I love the question "who are your people". :) It tends to explain quite a bit about people.


  8. Good post, Girlie. I love our little town. :)



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