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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Small town Oklahoma

Oklahoma is a landlocked state located above the state of Texas. Our history is that the land prior to statehood used to be Indian territory & cattle trails. Our state tree is the beautiful redbud tree.

I live in a small town in Oklahoma. It's considered a suburb. There are neighborhoods with homes that are 2-4 bedrooms. Some are single level and others are two stories.

People are friendly and wave at one another. However, there is not much interaction between neighbors unless bad weather hits. Oklahoma is in "tornado alley" which the National weather service. Due to the high number of tornadoes we experience. When bad weather strikes everyone turns on the TV set and listens to the news but we also keep one eye on the sky. It is because of this sky watching that the neighbors come out of all our air conditioned & heating homes and begin to talk to one another while watching the sky for signs of tornadoes. I think it must be what people did prior to having TV, iPods, and kindles to entertain them. They had to rely on real interaction with people to learn the latest news, or be entertained by a funny story. In fact bad weather, before or after a storm surveying the damage is sometimes the only real conversation we ever have. Do you have interaction with neighbors where you live? Does it come easily? What things do you find bring you all together?


  1. Love those redbud trees. I remember as a kid the storms in Oklahoma, but never experienced a tornado in my life until I moved to Texas. The weather is definitely something that brings us out for discussion. We also discuss our grandkids, our vacations, and anything of interest that might be going on in the neighborhood. However, as friendly as we are with each other, we don't socialize. Hmmmmm. It is funny, but I also remember when we were kids, neighbors would borrow from each other, cup of this or that. I don't think anyone has ever knocked on my door wanting to borrow something, although our next door neighbor did come begging for help to kill a snake in the back yard. That definitely caused some conversation. ;-)

    I hope the tornadoes in your area fizzle out.

  2. Weather is often the "connecter" with my neighbors too. I have great neighbors and wish we all socialized, but I suppose if I wished it badly enough I would invite them all over sometime.



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