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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Words: machine guns or building blocks

WORDS, They are so powerful.  They are as deadly as any weapon made by man.  They can stick in your mind like they were super glued there.  Yet as dangerous as WORDS can be they can also be encouraging, they can build you up, and motivate a country with them.

Yet, how often do we speak before we think?  To drive a car or own a gun you have to have a license.  I do support free speech.  However,  I think we don't stop and think of the weight our words will carry.  We don't pause enough to select with care the right words to say, we often just open our mouths & talk.

This week my heart has been heavy with careless words spoken to my daughter from another student.  The girl told my redheaded daughter "that she did not like gingers." As well, as calling her "fat cheeks".  Deep sigh.  I struggle with a heavy heart, praying taking it to God.  Trying to choose my words carefully when talking to my daughter about this matter. As well, who & what I say to the staff at my daughter's school.

This lesson, I seem to be reminded of every few years while raising daughter's.  We live in sometimes a cruel world, where words are often spoken and thrown at each other like darts.

I wonder if we would speak more carefully if we could visually see the marks our words inflict on another?  Hum, I think it might just make us pause.  I wonder why God made us this way?  Maybe he knew we would struggle with this so much, that the damage would be so great that our flesh simply could not handle such a thing.


  1. I Love Gingers, and those are sweet cheeks!
    Hope this situation improves, and Quickly!



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