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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Free christmas cards!!

www.freebies4mom.com has a link to fuji films they are giving away 50 free photo cards. Her site list the promo and details for the offer. However the offer expires this SATURDAY! Please make note of this, because the date has changed.

I was so excited, and a little worried that for some reason this would not work, however I got on line, designed my christmas card, uploaded my photos, and ordered- I input the promo code and up came my total- free!!!!

I received an email from the website the very next day! Letting me know that my cards had been printed and have been shipped- they have not arrived yet, but the should some time later this week. If you have not taken advantage of this deal you should before it is gone!


  1. this was such a GREAT freebie i got 50 free useing the code freebies4mom-1109 THEN I got 50 more free useing the code newbaby...I posted yesterday about the first set of cards...awesome stuff!

  2. Good Morning ~

    This is a great post...I am going to check this out. Thanks for the tip on the discount codes...I love a discount!

    Thanks for stopping over at my neck~of~the~woods to say hello...I have enjoyed my visit here on your wonderful blog.

    Happy Thanksgiving.

    Smiles ~ Ramona



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