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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Countdown to Summer

Well here in Oklahoma school is starting to wind down. In about 23 days the kiddo's will be home for summer. So what does that mean to me as a stay at home mom? Well it means I have a lot to do if I want to make special memories & be a fun mom while enjoying myself (aka that means while staying peaceful and not living in chaos)

So the first step, is to start cutting the clutter! Cleaning out the girls closets, and deep cleaning the house. Once school is out the girls won't want to hang out and let me deep clean.

Second step is to start planning the change the laundry room will undertake once schools out. (it's our point of entry to our home that we use most of the time) Backpacks will be packed away, beach bags will come out. I will need a basket to hold the beach towels after they are laundered each night.

Thirdly, start a summer reading list for the girls and me! More will follow on this subject.

Fourth, our family needs to make a summer bucket list that is custom & tailored to our family.

Fifth, I need to decide on what the summer "house rules" are going to be for the girls this summer.

Sixth, plan on what I want to emphasis or teach the girls this summer with the extra time. (last summer it was manners & etiquette). I think this summer is going to be nutrition and physical fitness.

Seventh, plan some fun entertainment with friends.

Eight, I also need to finish decorating and accessorizing my house for summer.

That about covers my list of things to plan and my list of stuff to blog about in the upcoming week.



  1. Cleaning out closets and deep cleaning is definitely not something I wanted to do on my summer vacation. My mom usually made us help during spring break.

    I have such awesome summertime memories!! It sounds like your girls will too!!

  2. LOVE your list of To Do's! Keep us posted of the specifics - you can motivate me!! :-)

  3. I'm going to work on reading lists, too. I have a pin on one of my boards for reading lists for girls. Do I follow you on Pinterest yet?



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