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Monday, September 30, 2013

How much of a good thing is a bad thing?

Our phones have become so smart & there is so much I can do now on my phone, that I confess I find myself more and more on my phone.  

How much time do you spend on your phone?  Do you have any personal guidelines to keep yourself in check?   Our pastor said a few weeks ago that a study showed that kids are most frustrated about the time their parents spend on their phone.  Hum, good food for thought!

How much of a good thing is a bad thing?  I've notice that some people take off Sunday's from their phone, sorta of a "siesta" off.  Please share what you do!! 

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  1. No judging here - I know I look at my phone way too often and it is always close by. However, when I am sitting next to someone at church and they are doing Facebook (a little brazenly on the front row), I think someone should think it's time to put it away). And that is my two cents worth on this.
    Our granddaughter (at 2 years old) was so irritated with her Dad for ignoring her request to put the phone down finally said quite loudly, "Abajo, Daddy!!!!" That got his attention!



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