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I have discovered it is really hard to be Queen in a household with 3 princesses! Somebody is always borrowing my tiara! Well in between hunting my stuff down I am the proclaimed Queen in the Land of fluff (where my husband swears one day that he will die from glitter lung (you get the picture!) Besides that I am a dieting, exercising, crafting, biblestudying kind of girl.
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Saturday, October 17, 2009

To Modge Podging and beyond!!!

I warned all of you girls that I have gone off the deep end when it came to Modge Podging. Well while redoing my middle daughter's bedroom, she has built in bookcases that frame her bed. They were white! Yes, that bland color that any funky 9 year is not impressed with. So what is a mom to do...

Well this tight wad mom was at Target and found some wrapping paper on clearance for $1.84 a roll. So I bought 2 rolls and came home cleared off her shelves, and started to modge podge the wrapping paper on. It is not perfect- the paper is too thin to lift and smooth - but I liked the funkiness of the imperfection as it covered. Once dried I went back over the wrapping paper modge podged shelves with Varnish - I put 2 coats of clear varnish on. Now these book shelves are an original -just like my daughter, Paige! (Below is a picture of the bookshelves from a distance-sorry that you can not see the print as well as in the picture above)


  1. I love all that you've done with the girls' rooms!

  2. What a fun idea, I never would have thought to do that, I would have been boring and just painted them! Super thrifty, too, good for you!



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