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Saturday, October 17, 2009

What is better than a good time with friends?

I love an evening with good friends it really does not matter to me what we do- meet for dinner at a restaurant, meet for a chick flick movie, or spend the evening at one of my dear friends house. I think I just enjoy the connection of spending time, laughing and trading stories with dear friends who in some cases are similar to me, and in other ways very different from me. I have laughed so hard, I have cried, at other times as good friend have shared a struggle or something deeply sad -but a friendship is forged.

The only thing that I enjoy more than an evening with friends is a reminder of the evening such as a "party favor". Party favors are not necessary, but isn't it fun to see an item, or use an item given to you and reflect back on the good time you shared! My very favorite "party favor" is from Amy over at "Simply Amy"
She made each of us "Mom's" a Cd, with fun songs from SheDaisy "God bless the American housewife" to some fun songs from some movie we had seen together. Amy labeled all the CD with a cute cover and saying: "A good friend is better than therapy!" (Can I get an Amen!)

I went home listening to the CD thinking about all my good girlfriends, I have since then added it to my Ipod, and every time I play that play list I reminded how blessed my life really is!!!

1 comment:

  1. Party favors are fun. You may enjoy a piece of candy on your ride home Friday night. ;)
    You still coming to the party?



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