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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Say What?????

I was sipping my coffee and watching one of my shows when I heard a commercial be aired on CBS -commercial. This commercial tells our husband or significant other that if you love your wife you should schedule her a "pap smear" for Christmas. "Say what?" this is the worse suggestion ever! In fact I am pretty sure many men could end up injured or sleeping on the couch if they follow this commercials advice. I advised my hubby if I received a "pap smear" appointment for Christmas that he would be receiving a "prostate exam" for Valentine's day.

The second crazy thing I have seen lately (my disclaimer: I love William Sonoma). However when I was browsing their latest magazine and saw that they were selling "crushed" peppermint candy as "peppermint snow" and marketing it for $10.50. I had to laugh. Personally I only use crushed peppermint once a year in my holiday baking. I can buy a bag of "peppermint candy" from $1.00-$2.00. It takes about 15 Min's to unwrap a bag of candy, 2 Min's for me to whip out my rolling pin and smash those little candies into pieces. It is a great way to relieve stress!

Now, it may be said that the person who first saw grated cheese in the grocery store probably thought a similar thought as I had about the crushed peppermint.

Well those are my two observation that I have noted this last week. I hope you are enjoying this holiday season! Lovingly preparing for the holidays, taking a deep breath and remember not to get crazy!


  1. Girl...I love me some Amy Barnes wisdom!

    SO thrilled I'm not the only one who likes to save a penny with a little elbow grease!! :)

  2. The pap smear commercial was the topic of discussion at the lunch table at work last week.

    As far as the peppermints go, we can "save" a lot of money by shopping around!

  3. Hi! I'm visiting from MBC. Great blog.

  4. I like to use the mallet to kill the peppermints. :)
    The rest of the year I beat chicken with it to relieve stress. Ha.



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