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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

New Zebra print dry erase board

Above is the new Zebra Print dry erase board that I made my daughter. (Sorry I took pictures before I hung it on the wall)

The above picture shows how this project all started: with a framed picture that I had grown tired of. So I took the picture out of the frame, cut the picture out leaving the border (My picture and border was one piece)

Once the picture was out of the way, I got busy modge podging my Zebra print to the border, or mat. Once this was done, where the picture was I laid a piece of solid purple fabric behind the mat, and returned the whole thing to the frame. I decided that if my daughter was to use this as a dry erase board - it would need to be solid fabric so that her writing would show up on the board. However plain is so "boring" for a tween so the zebra printed mat would make it fun! I hot glued a zebra ribbon on the top edge of the Zebra Dry erase board and hot glued a dry erase marker to the other end of the ribbon - once it was hung on the wall.
**I did get this cute idea from another blog but for the life of me I can not seem to find which one, the zebra print, and color was my own. I apologize that I have not given someone due credit!!! Leave me a message and I will update my post.


  1. Way cool!
    Great project that turned out beautifully!

  2. Very nice! You should make these and sell them.



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