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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

school uniforms- yes or no?

Well our school district is considering going to a school uniform dress code next year. As part of the process in determining whether or not this would be the best thing for our district, they have sent out a survey for parents, students, and faculty members to participate in.
What do you think about school uniforms?

I really did not know what I thought about uniforms. At first, I thought "it's probably not a bad idea". Peer pressure is high in the middle school and high school years. The desire to conform to what the majority considers "approved" clothing can make an adult crazy. Which in most district "approved" clothes from teenagers often means a focus on expensive name brand clothing. So at first I thought, Ah! This could save me money. I love to save money what could be better than this.
However, I decided to google for pro's and con's of uniforms in public schools. I did read that there could be an initial savings if you compare the uniform to the amount that name brand clothing cost. It did point out that it could also be an additional expense, due to several factors.
1) Kids would most likely want to get home and change into another set of clothing items. (especially girls, if a skirt was required. Well, this does make sense I would not be comfortable wearing a skirt all day, every day. However then I realized that this would translate into more laundry for moi! Ah!! This is not what I was looking for. More laundry is more work, also higher water bills, more $ for detergent, spot cleaners and fabric softener. My husband also pointed out that I might have to iron some required clothing. The horror! I am exaggerating but all of a sudden this money saving idea is adding up to a lot more work for me. They say time is money, well I think I am right back where I started.)
2) Some clothing items maybe required that kids may not wear on their own. (belts, etc..)

What basic clothing items could be required for a uniform. Let's use a khaki pants that many schools who use uniforms require. Khaki pants at first, sound so very simple. However, if Khaki pants were a required item of clothing that was required to be worn daily. Would there not then be a "cool" place to buy a pair of Khaki pants, compared to "uncool" places that also carried khaki pants? Wouldn't shallow teenagers be on the look out to spot the difference. Yes, I believe they would. Also I learned from my sister (who lives in another state, and school uniforms are required there.) That even if all things are made equal, they are not. Other things or items then become the "focus" of what is cool. For example, backpack, the brand name of shoes, and jewelry all of a sudden became a huge focus for girls. Why? because they could express their individuality through rings, necklaces, and earrings. Jewelry, is not cheap. At least not how teens where them. (900 bangles on a wrist etc....). I am not sure what additional items a teenage boy might focus on, but I am sure they would think of something.

Some websites I visited did state that school uniforms they felt cut back on provocative or inappropriate revealing clothing being worn to school. (Hello, does any remember the Brittaney Spears video where she dressed all sexy school student? I firmly believe if a girl does not want to dress modest, no matter what you tell her to wear she can make it "inappropriate".). Another pro stated that because the uniform was more serious clothing that the students were more likely to come school and be more serious about being there. I'm not sure I believe this one either. I was raised in a church where you had to wear a dress, stockings and dress shoes every Sunday. As much as I enjoyed going to church I was uncomfortable the whole time and it was distracting. (I now attend a church that allows you to attend church wearing jeans. I am so comfortable that I can just enjoy being there and focus on what the pastor is talking about. Instead of squirming in my seat, and counting down the minutes until I get home and take my dress off.)

One last con about school uniforms from a mom's perspective. If the child has to wear a uniform, and you can not find a particular piece of clothing. Due to um..... it's lost amongst their stuff (remember we are talking teenagers here) or I have not done all the laundry due to the fact life happened that week. The girls can not throw something else on and go. I guess if the school goes to uniforms I am going to have to buy "extras" as back ups. (I can't hardly keep up with the socks that match the soccer uniform. Lord, help me! Oh, and extras add up to more money as well.)

So to make a long story short, I was very surprised after researching the pro's and con's and thinking about how the change to uniform would impact our overall quality of day to day life. That I voted "no" for school uniforms.

I know, that you might have a very different view point than mine. I may have not even considered some of the things you have thought about it. I would LOVE to hear what you think. Are you for school uniforms, if so why? and if your not for school uniforms, Why?


  1. Strict uniform requirements are a win/win in my book, especially in a school district which is financially diverse...I think you would like it once you got used to it.

  2. My son wore school uniforms for 7 years. In general, the students looked so much better. Actually, I don't think it is less expensive to have uniforms but the care was much easier. I just bought several uniforms so that I had plenty on hand. There are no arguments in the morning as to what you're going to wear. In seven years of having a child in uniforms, I NEVER ironed a uniform. When the dryer went off, I immediately took the clothes out and immediately hung up the clothes -- no ironing. Uniforms are a thumbs up in my view!

  3. Never had this opportunity when my 3 girls was in school. So many times I thought..." I wish we would do school uniforms". I was looking at it from a cost factor-3 girls...and of course less maintance on me as a mom! But honestly, I look back now and honestly I have no regrets of us not having uniforms. I realize it depends totally on the situation at hand and everyone's personal feelings but I am glad now we did not have the choice. Praie the Lord that my girls was under the guidance of being observant dresser's and thanfully we never had problems with dress code on a school level nor with our RULES of dressing. But being able to wear the normal clothing styles at school helped my girls (I feel) to be a part of thier identity. Hugs and blessins, Cindy



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