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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

What is your fragrance?

Have you ever gone into the kitchen and opened your fridge to get a drink to pull back and wrinkle your nose and think "what is that smell?". I know I have, my daughter the other night helped me cook dinner, and when she put the onion up, she accidentally did not seal the zip lock baggie closed. Wow! it is amazing how leaving a bag barely opened can allow the onion to stink up my whole fridge. If left unchecked it can flavor the ice - yuck! who wants ice that taste like an onion?
It is the same way with my life. It is amazing how when I take my eyes off of God, I start to think it is all about me. How quickly I can put off an odor of selfishness, whining, impatience, quick tempered, and crankiness. Yuck! Who would want some of that? (I know I don't even want it when I am putting off that odor.) It is amazing how quickly a bad attitude can spread and be with me through out my day and influence others as well. As a wife and as a mom, I need to be aware of how my attitude can stink up the days, of everyone I encounter through out the day.
I think of my attitude as I would a candle or a glad plug in. What aroma do I want people to smell when they walk into my house? Do I want them to smell an onion smell of grumpiness, or discontent or do I want them smell the wonderful fragrance of love, kindness, gentleness, patience. (In my mind I dream it smells like suntan lotion, at least at this time of the year I do.) So as you light a candle this evening, or when your at the store next time picking up a new plug in. Remember, just like we take so much time at the store, smelling the candles and picking out just the right one. It's just as important that I spend time with God each day, to ensure that my attitude or aroma of my heart (borrowed shamelessly from the movie "Facing the Giants") smells just as good!

One last thing, don't forget about your car! I know I love it when I get a new car fragrance for the van. I know based on comments my kids make about "Mom, grumbles, at the cars in front of us each morning in the car lines." That I had been forgetting about my attitude while driving. Anyone, else? or am I alone in this?

So What is your fragrance? What will your family and others smell this evening when they return home?


  1. That is my desire sweet one...to have the aroma of Christ. I fail daily but strive to be that sweet smell! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  2. What a terrific analogy! The smell of an onion in the fridge is so easy to relate too, and how it affects everything else it "lives" with too. Oh how I want to be fresh linen, or cinnamon macintosh, and not yucky onion for my family, and my God! Thanks for the clear picture, and reminder to be a sweet aroma. Fantastic post!

  3. I know that I have told you this before, but I do like how you write, in a fun, yet thought provoking way. I like your flip flop post, your birthday post, and this post on fragrance.

    First of all, I want to wish you a happy birthday! Forty two seems so young to me. I will be 58 years old soon. But I like how you shared your heart on getting older. I don't feel any older than I did at 42, and thankfully I still have lots of energy, but attitude is so instrumental in it all. I wish you a very special year ahead, and want you to know, that you share a beautiful fragrance with all who visit your blog weekly. Thank you for the inspiring way you share.



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