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Monday, March 26, 2012

Daddy & Daughter Date day

Well we just finished up with Spring Break around here. All the girls are back in school today. However one day of Spring break was devoted to me & the older daughters to attend the "Hunger Games". We were so excited. However, the reviews had warned about violence and little ones. Hum, what to do about the 8 year old.

Hubby decided to make that day, his and his youngest princess "Daddy & daughter date day"! Well you all know the best dates are built around a theme. The theme for this 8 year olds date was "Hop" as in the new to DVD movie. So hubby first took the youngest princess to eat breakfast at... You guessed it "IHOP".

After breakfast princess was ready to roll. So hubby took her shopping (what girl would not love that!). To but the movie "Hop", pick up a bag of jelly beans (in the movie the Easter bunny poops jelly beans. Right up there with 8 year old humor) and she got to pick out a toy. (I thought she would probably pick out a bunny to go with the theme but nope, I was surprised she picked up a stuff dog.)

They returned home (we were gone to the movies, so they had the place to themselves). So they got settled in and watched their movie and had some laughs. My 8 year old could not wait to tell me all about what a great date she had with her dad! I love that my hubby takes the time to show each of the girls how precious they each are but also how they should be expected to be treated on a date! Also that they are so loved they are worth his time one on one!
I love the book the Kevin Leman "What a difference a Daddy makes"! If you have daughters I highly recommend that you & your spouse read this book. (if he's not a reader tell him about it & discuss some of the topics in the book while on your date, or before you go to sleep at night)

Well I hope everyone is enjoying beautiful weather wherever you maybe!


  1. Seeing that pretty face makes my heart smile.
    Okay it makes it "hop" too! :-)

  2. Oh how precious! So important for daddy to spend time with his daughters. I love the Daddy-Date. I have a friend at church that her hubby takes a regular date with his wife (her) and a regular date with his daughter. So sweet. Hugs and blessings, Cindy



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