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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

How do you Flip Flop?

Flip Flops, they come in SO many colors, they can be found in Any price range, and are growing in popularity! However, that leaves me asking "what exactly is flip flop protocol" or better yet "How do you Flip Flop?"

As a good southerner I know I can't wear white shoes until after Easter. I know I have to pack those white sandals up come Labor day, even if it's 80 degrees outside or my grandmother would be put to shame. However what are the rules for Flip Flops? (I mean as long as they are not white!) Can you wear them at anytime of the year, as long as it starts to get warm outside? I don't know! What's a girl to do!

I looked on line. Opinions vary! In the Tulsa World newspaper Katie Williams, a Tulsa marketing professional said "I think there are other options other than flip flops. I think that they should just be left on the boat or at the beach" she was alsoquoted as saying "Are they comfortable? Yes. Are they easy? Yes. Are the attractive? Absolutely not."
The same article quoted her as saying that seeing a man's feet in flip flops bothered her.

On the other side, stars have been photographed wearing everything from jeans and flip flops to sundress and flip flops. Even President Obama made history this January after being photographed in flip flops while on vacation. (Apparently, he was the first President to show his toes in public)

Flip flops are now trendy to hand out as a wedding favor not only at beach weddings but weddings that include dancing at the reception.

Brides and Grooms of summer weddings have joined in wearing these popular summer shoes.

Flip Flops always seem to me to hold the promise of summer. Warm days, cold drinks, and lazy days by the pool. I get as excited buying my first pair of the year as I do buying the first school supply for Fall. I guess I like new beginnings.

Flip Flops have grown so much in popularity, a wine label is named after them. Cute jewelry, hair accessories and candle holders can be found decorated in cute bright colored flip flops.

All I can tell is that everyone agrees that toe nails should be kept well groomed. If female polished. As well as feet should be moisturized, moisturized, moisturized-No cracked heels! Other than that I guess it's a matter of opinion. So what's yours? How do you wear your Flip Flops? Please leave me a comment, & if you have a second please answer the poll questions on the left hand side. Thanks y'all!
(Also thanks for all the sweet birthday wishes!)


  1. They have fashion flip flops now, so I do wear them to work. I HATE to see them at formal events though. It literally takes the top of my head off. I'm so judgey. ;)

  2. I say as soon as it's over 70 and I have a good pedi! By the way, I sure like your new blog design.

  3. Interesting topic! I love flip flops. Now since you can get any style and color they make them for basically all year round purposes! Now I am thinking I need pedi so I can get back to some flipflopping! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  4. Flip flops are okay at the pool and lake, and maybe casual gatherings. It burns me up to see people wear them to church. Have a little respect, people! As for myself, I don't wear flip flops much. I keep a pair by the back door to wear when I go outside, since we don't wear shoes in the house.



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