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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A little warning would have been nice!

I'm a mom of 3 girls. I remember when I first found out I was pregnant with our oldest. I could not wait to get my hands on the book "What to expect while your expecting". I poured over this book reading every page for the remaining of my pregnancy.

I was prepared! Ha! Yes, for a lot of what happened to my body when I was pregnant, yes I was prepared. The book even warned about postpartum depression.

The book however did not not to warn me of the following(nor did any other book that I have read):

*the wonderful feeling of being able to "retire" the diaper bag & resume carrying that thing called a purse again

*how my heart with swell with pride. When my little one's eyes meet mine & their face broke into a huge grin

*How you get that little nudge in your heart when your ready to have another one.

* how even when you know your done having babies. Your family is complete, there's a part of you that gets a little depressed that you will never again feel the flutter of a little baby kicking inside you.

*how great it is when you can holler "let's go!" And everyone can go get in the car & buckle themselves-yes!

* how you a sane, calm, we'll adjusted grown up can feel such rage rush through your bones when one of your daughter's is crying & in emotional pain from bullying. (How can you feel that much anger towards a 6 year old little girl! Momma bears understand, who knew!)

* how old you would feel to go shopping with a teen in a poorly lighted, loudly playing music, over priced store would make you feel

* you will one day have to "teach" your daughters all the things you do without thinking (washing your hair, shaving your legs, waxing your eyebrows,applying eye liner )

* or the realization that all your babies have outgrown the "kid sized" hangers! (Seriously, this felt like an elbow to the rib cage)

*how as a mom of 3 girls I would constantly be hunting down my stuff! (Where's my____________? Feel free to insert nail polish remover, hair spray, earrings, etc...)

*or how weird it is to teach your kid to drive.

*how you pray for children throughout the day no matter how old they get.

*how you will be a chauffeur, a geography expert, explain how you vote & why, you thought your parents asked a lot of questions (where are you going? With who? What time do you plan on being back? It was really training for all the questions that your kids one day would ask you)

Now those are the things I wish that someone had warned me about!!!

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  1. Right to a mothers heart. Yes to them all. I have 3 daughters also. Mine are 27, 29, and 33 as of this year. And the worry and praying through the day doesn't change. God gives us the strength to make it and we say thank you God.

    Have a most blessed day.



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