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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Dementia sucks!

Dementia sucks! There I said it. It is horrible for the person forgetting stuff when they are aware they are forgetting. It's awful when they reach the next stage and grow confused and scared by people telling them what they are not aware they have now forgotten.

It sucks for the family trying to provide care, giving the family member their respect and helping them keep their dignity while keeping them safe. There is no clear way to proceed since dementia can present itself differently in each person. There is not a "Emily Post" manners & etiquette book written for helping your loved ones with dementia.

It really, really sucks when the person having dementia grows paranoid and confused by the care provided by the family when the persons body is still capable but the mind is losing ground quickly with chunks of daily routine memory slipping from their mind like pieces if loose dirt falling from a road.

It is such a painful hurt that makes my heart ache each day as I see my grandma struggling with this. My mom and my aunt making tough decisions. I cry, & wonder how God will use this. What purpose will this bring about. Though I struggle to grasp and see the bigger picture, that for now, is not in my view. I will trust what I know to be true. God is good! God is love! And God is in control even in my grandma's confusion & pain. God is good! So I stand & praise you My Lord! I'm in awe of you & cling to you in my pain. You are my shelter!

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  1. I'm sorry for your loss and pain. My Mother has had a few little strokes. I can see the tole it has taken on her. For the most she is ok. Lives alone. But it hurts that we can't do what we once did. I too have faith that God will help and show me how to be kind when things might get harder for us both. Keep the faith.

  2. I sure raised a smart daughter who has much wisdom, compassion, and a heart for God. You teach ME many things.

  3. Sometimes in life, we have to make tough decisions. They are not easy, but it must be done. This has been a tough month, but I have had a feeling of peace during this time even while trying to evaluate & make the right decisions. Always, there is the knowledge during a tough time that this too will pass....



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