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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Working with people

I am completing a year of  returning to the work force after being a stay at home mom for almost 16 years.  Wow!  I was shocked at all the things I encountered, and the things that challenged me:

1.  Figuring out how to get around in the morning, getting dressed and makeup on, and arriving somewhere on time for myself.  Whew!  What a change!  I was used to just getting my girls ready and out the door, throwing on a top, a baseball hat, grabbing my sunglasses and putting on some lip gloss so that I had the "appearance" of being ready for the day, as I dropped my kids off at school.

2.  Obviously, my husband stepped up and we made adjustments to what fell under "my responsibilities" and what was on "his responsibility" list.  A Big change for both of us!

3.  Since I had been a stay at home mom for 16 years, listening to "Dora the Explorer" and Nick Jr, along with the Disney Channel, as well as attending church.  I was surprised and shocked at how many people out in the world use curse words sprinkled through out their conversation and don't even bat an eye at using them. Some of the word left my ears blushing! However, just like I was quick to notice the language my co-workers used, I was surprised at how quickly they realized that I did not use those words and would stop themselves from using it around me as they got to know me. (I think we forget that we are a witness for God, without preaching to others, but by just being around others.)

4. I have to admit my age is probably showing now, but I am surprised at how many people in their 20's are living together, without a commitment of marriage.

5.  The world can be a negative place. I have learned the power of the words we speak to others and the what we think on in our mind, and self talk.

I have become more aware of what the world is like, and the value system that my teens encounter on a daily basis.  As a stay at home mom, I had been insulated in a little bubble, I was just to busy raising babies to realize it.

That is some of what I have learned and a little how my life has changed in this last year.

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