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Friday, July 25, 2014


Change, it sounds like such a simple word.  Change sounds like fun, it sounds simple.  We went to the  store a month ago and bought some new tile to change our flooring in our dining room and kitchen.  Whew!  It has not been easy!

We had to cut the carpet out and the pad out of the dining room, roll it up and dispose of it.  (sounds much simpler than the muscle required to do that).  We then had to purchase a 10 pound sledge hammer that my husband would swing and break up the tile that we had in the kitchen.  A lot of work!  Then we would sweep up the broken pieces of tile and throw them away.  After that, we had to get a blade and scrape the glue off the floor (that had adhered the tile to the floor).  Whew!  It has taken about 3 weekends to do all this.  Of course, we are now in our 40's and we are trying to do this project and keep up with our life and schedules.  Kind of crazy.  Nothing about change is ever simple.

The simplest of change might end up involving things that you had never counted on it even effecting.  However, change can be a great thing.  It can move you forward, it can make things different, it can stretch you, it can give you the best stories to tell later on, make you laugh at the things that happen and solidify you as a couple and family.  Change it's not simple but it can be an unexpected gift.

Hope your life is full of changes.  I hope that you have a story to tell.  Without changes a story would be a pretty boring tale.

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