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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

My Favorite Podcast

What do you listen to?  I often listen to music, however Sometimes I just get tired of listening to music, it seems that all I hear is the same set of songs.  Other times, I feel that I need to be encouraged, or challenged by the word of God.  One of my favorite things to do is to listen to podcast.  If you have an apple product you can download podcast for free, through their podcast app, or if you have an android phone  you can download the app "podcast republic" and then download podcast through that app.

My favorite podcast are:

1.  Lifechurchtv (this is my church, however if I miss a service on the weekend I can listen to it sometime through out the week at my convince)

2.  Elevation Church, with pastor Steven Furtick (out of North Carolina)

3.  The City Church with Judah Smith (out of Seattle, WA)

I enjoy all three of the pastors listed above.  Podcast make it easy, and free to listen to other christian preachers teach about God's word.  Check them out, if you have not done so already!

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  1. Good information. I found a website called oneplace.com and there are many, many great ministers of the Word, such as Charles Swindolll, David Jeremiah, and Charles Stanley, just to name a few.



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