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Monday, July 21, 2014

"Sleep is a daily reminder from God that we are not God"
                                                      -John Piper

What reminds you that you are not God?

   I find looking at the sky, seeing all those tiny stars at night, or during the day time watching all those fluffy, billow clouds float by reminds me, that I am not God.  I am not the creator of the world.  I could never just "speak" the world into being.  (some days I can not even "speak" my kids into action).

When I look at the sky it reminds me that I am small, and that there is a God who did just "speak" the world into being.  That He is in control, so I need not to panic, freak out, or try so hard to be in control.  God has got this.  I am in His hands.  I find that, is such a comforting thought.  I drink another drink of my coffee and set back, and take in the view and admire all that God has made.

I hope that something reminds you daily that you are not God!           

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  1. The wind reminds me of the Holy Spirit. As I feel it ruffle the leaves in the trees I also feel him whispering to me......when I take a walk I am reminded of the One who walks with me.



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