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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

chalk labeled flower pots made durable

I love the "look" of cute chalk labeled flower pots for all my herbs - however I realized with all the "help" I receive with watering these cute labels would soon be washed off and I would not know what was basil and what was cilantro (okay, I could probably guess on some- but who wants the cook "guessing" which herbs she is using! Can you imagine coming to my house for some sweet tea with mint, and find out that I put cilantro instead in your tea)

So what is a mom to do - I went to Walmart and bought just plain black craft acrylic paint, and a white paint pen and "imitated" the look. I have 7 herb flower pots in an iron flower pot on the front porch easy to use when I need to cut some mint or cilantro - but now I can have peace of mind that I really will know what herb I am using. Hope someone might find this helpful!


  1. You better NOT put cilantro in my Sweet Tay!! Those are fightin' words, Missy!!
    Somewhere I saw where they are asking people to post pictures of their Porch or Patio. If you can find it you ought to post a photo of your Porch, cause it's sooo cool. Love the black furniture!!

  2. That is so very clever! Thanks.



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