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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Day 23 of my diet

Well I thought I would post an update on my diet today. It is now day 23 of my diet, and I have officially lost 17 pounds! WooHoo! I am down 1 dress size - yeah! I am very excited. This has been the best diet I have ever tried.

I have been trying some of the recipes that are on the HCG website - some have been good, some have been ugh! (The mock onion rings - not so good) but they have given me more variety and flavor in my diet - which is nice. When you are on a 500 calorie diet (no fats allowed) you really want what food you do eat to be flavorful. I have been having a hard time with eating all my protein it just seems like I get full half way thru but I have been making myself eat most of it.

My diet group met the other night it was so informative, they told me some things about the support website that I had not figured out on my own. Also it was encouraging - I am the newest newbie, and I am in the round 1 of my diet - so I am just beginning to see weight loss, but these other ladies have all lost 30+ which is encouraging to stay the course. Keep on, keeping on.

I hope I have more news to share with you all next week. You can follow my weight loss if you are curious even when I am not posting about my diet(because I love blogging about everything not just my diet) You can follow my progress because I installed this little handy weight loss tracker on the right side of my blog - I will update it daily if there is any change.


  1. That is incredible progress! You must be thrilled.

  2. Seventeen pounds is amazing!!

  3. You have totally inspired me to get back to my good health plan! Congratulations on your progess! That is AWESOME!

  4. I am so proud of you!! Seventeen pounds is quite an accomplishment!!



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