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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

The above picture is of me and my mom (several years ago, okay 1990 it is my favorite picture of us together it was taken on a mom and daughter luncheon). The first thing you might notice is that my mom is very short, at least compared to me. I have been about this height (minus 1/2 inch since 6th grade) You should of seen the teachers face when my little momma showed up for parents conference - not only did she not have red hair she was shorter than me. (My father is 6'3inches - that explains allot). I do have my mom's nose, and her voice, and hopefully many of her other traits and character that you can't see in this picture. You see my mom was my role model.

My mom taught me how to give to other people, by bringing food to other people when they were ill and had deaths in the family. My mother taught me to be a good wife by loving my father and she kept dating him thru out there marriage (they are about to celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary this year and they are still dating, by doing so she showed me the importance of keeping romance in a marriage. My mom also was a stay at home mom, and would always "freshen" up before my dad arrived home at night - a little lip gloss, hair combed and a squirt of perfume. I still do that for my husband today.

My mother taught me how to be respectful by being respectful to her parents and her in laws. I remember my mom taught me how to be a hostess - while I was growing up my parents always had friends over for an evening. As well as I remember my mom made a dessert for the weekend. (A habit I still keep for my family) I remember her making chocolate cake for when her mother in-law came over to visit.

My mom taught me how to be a parent from being a loving, caring parent to me. My mom taught me how to be a home maker teaching me how to cook, clean, do laundry and the value of a clean home and how it does not take allot of money to make a home a haven for your family.

My mom taught me how to laugh with family game nights, movies, and creative dinners from different cultures. My mother is a very talented person she writes, and is very creative, crafty, she has been a leader in church and among her peer group. My mother taught me the "value" of a friend, and the important lesson that you can never have too many friends.

My mom showed me how to love my in laws thru loving her in laws, my grandparents, or by loving and accepting my husband, and my brothers wives. My mom showed me how to love God, by taking us to church, VBS, and making sure we did not skip! By praying in front of me, and talking to me about God.

Now my mom is not perfect, she hates going to the Dr, she always adds 1 inch to her height (she thinks we won't notice), she has told me before "because I am your mom" and now I say that occasionally to my daughters. (Even though I still roll my eyes as I turn around). For all these things that my mom is and what she has helped me to become (As well as being my encourager, confidant, and willing to tell me honestly how it is) I am so blessed to have a mom like mine! Thank you Mom - I love you!!!! Amy


  1. Obviously your Mom is one GREAT,
    bet her heart swells with pride
    and thankfulness when she reads
    this. *wink

  2. I LOVE this post Amy!!

    Your Mom raised ONE GREAT DAUGHTER!


  3. What a nice tribute! I love that she "freshens up" before your dad gets home. My mom used to do that, too. I can still picture her at her dressing table with that white Maybelline mascara tube.

  4. This was a lovely tribute to your Mom! She sounds like a wonderful Mother.

    No, I didn't know there was a blog application on Facebook since that's not something I'm into. But thanks for entering my blog!




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