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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Margins in my time

Well this is the second week of my posting my adventure into developing "Margins" into my life. The word "margins" is the word I picked out to be my own "theme" word for 2010. However the word margins is also being discussed in the sermon series at our church (http://www.lifechurchtv.com/) the message this week challenged us on our "margins" with our "time".

Brent and I discussed that one of our love languages is quality time together, and there are certain TV shows we really enjoy watching together. (We laugh at the jokes, it prompts conversation, as well as we mock some of the crazy plots sometimes). However since we have gotten a laptop, usually one of us finds our self on the laptop while the other watches the show. Thus we are two individuals occupying the same room, but not really enjoy each other's company. So therefore, we have decided to take 2 and 1/2 hours free from computers most nights -we have chosen the time frame of 8pm-10:30 pm due to the fact that is our usual time together.

I have also been working on a Beth Moore bible study by myself off and on for about a year now. My goal is to discipline myself to finish this bible study with daily time alone with God.

I have also decided as a mom to try to get up 15 mins prior to getting my kids up (I know I am not a morning person some of you will be shocked, I actually get my kids up, while I am still in bed- there I admit it) However I am personally trying to make the effort to allow more time in the morning so that we have "margins" in our schedule in arriving to school on time.

As of right now these are the main changes that Brent and I have decided to focus on in our "time change" in order to allow more margins in our life with our time.

Does anyone have any tips that works for them to allow more margins in scheduling their day to day life? What works for you? or where do you wish you had more margins in your life in regard to time management???

Well here is the latest update with my blog: it is Tues. and the kiddos are still out of school! They have had a long weekend due to Martin Luther King day, and the school district added a professional day. So I have taken the time off to play with them. Even though I have been playing I have thought about my blog, and have decided that I would have more time to blog a "deep" blog about our Margin shift in our lifestyle by moving it to Monday when the girls are usually in school, so I am going to join Jonni over at http://www.soundslikebaloney.blogspot.com/ for her perfect pairing on Sundays. Hope everyone has a good week!

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  1. This from a woman who used to walk a mile each morning at 5:30 am? I know you can do this. I LOVE having margins - it's truly "soul food" for we meloncholies! LOL



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