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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A mom's journey to finding "Margins" in her life

"It takes wisdom to have a good family, and it takes understanding to make it strong. It takes knowledge to fill a home with rare and beautiful treasures" Proverbs 24:3&4

I have picked the word "margins" to be my theme for 2010- Margin being defined as: having more that what is needed/necessary. I have decided to use my blog to keep me on track and post once a week my journey or learning experience in trying to add "Margins" to my life and my families lifestyle.

I have been surprised how this week has gone, I knew for sure God would lay it upon my heart to give up an activity or rearrange something- however that has not been the case (this week that is). In order to find margin -God is showing me I first have to have the "wisdom" to recognize that if Margin is the space around what is necessary, then "What is necessary?"

God has been teaching me that He is necessary! Not only in having a relationship with him through prayer and time in his word, but following his wisdom, direction and ways are necessary! His ways are perfect and bring peace. I may not understand his logic or his ways at times, but God has been asking "Why do you call me "Lord, Lord" but do not do what I say?" Luke 6:46
You see the word says that Jesus has became wisdom for us (1 Corinthians 1:30) so even if I don't understand his ways I should follow his way not my own. I admit I enjoy watching a popular TV show that follows a group of "housewives". However I shake my head at some of the episodes when they show some of the "housewives" older kids getting thrown in jail, going off to parties at the Playboy mansion. The ladies themselves have friendship's that are not lasting, their marriages are falling apart. These ladies are honestly shocked, surprised and devastated that their lives have spiraled out of control into chaos and most are living unfulfilled lives - even though they all have been blessed materially with so much that our culture tells us is important.
God has been stressing to me that Satan tries to distract us with things, and needs that offer "False Fulfillment " they do not last! God's way are perfect and bring peace. I watch the show and I know I do not want my life to end up like theirs not for all the money in the world! It takes "Wisdom" /"Jesus" to have a good family. If that is the body of my life then the margins will fall into place around that.
Signs that my life has lost it's balance-it's focus on God:

*I avoid people (on purpose) that I don't like

*I can't remember where I put my bible

*I spend more time on Facebook than I do in the bible or in prayer

*My purse is messy (I don't know why but this is always a good indicator to me when I have lost control or balance in my life - it might not apply to you)

What do you find are signs in your life that you have lost your focus on God??? How do you keep your focus on God??


  1. Extreme fatigue after a day of getting nothing accomplished.

  2. okay this was just a wonderful post...so thought provoking!

  3. We always need a good lesson. Thanks for this one.

  4. Oh my gosh...you are SO RIGHT! When my purse is super messy, usually so is my heart.

  5. Great post...I answered yes to all of them. Uh-oh!



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