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Monday, May 3, 2010

I thought he would never ask!!!!!!

Brent and I had dated about a year when the subject of marriage came up. We talked about all kinds of things, kids, (yes), how many (3, with an option for 4), I wanted to be a stay at home mom (he agreed but wasn't sure) and I only wanted to get married in December! Brent had a hard time with this, (not that he cared "when" we got married) but if we missed December and got engaged in say January - it would mean being engaged for almost an entire year. December was a non negotiable point for me!

So we had discussed all the things you should really talk about prior to marriage - (So I had thought at the age of 22). So I anxiously awaited to be asked the question! I mean I walked around inspecting my nails making sure they would be ready for the perfect picture!!!

Well did I mention that Christmas, and our 1 year anniversary are 2 weeks apart-and did I mention that they passed with no ring. Don't get me wrong I received pretty jewelry: an emerald ring, an emerald set of earrings but "no engagement ring"! Can't you just hear me sighing deeply, getting a little sad! Did I mention that my hubby's twin brother got engaged over Christmas? Yes, well my sweet hubby still did not realize that he was walking on thin ice. (foolish man!)

Well that was ok, Valentine's Day was approaching! How romantic would that be! I told myself -well... Valentine's day came and went, and yes no ring on my finger. Girls let me tell you- me and God were having some serious conversation about Brent Barnes and if he was the man for me! You guessed it, Valentine's Day came, beautiful Red Roses (his nick name for me) were sent, I was taken out on a lovely night out - but returned home with No Ring!!!!! Seriously! Seriously!!!!

So I was in deep prayer, wondering if I was wrong, that Brent was not the man for me. Well my birthday came, and yes no ring (we had dated about 15 months at this time) So April arrived, and we were going to fix dinner at his apartment, then dye Easter eggs. Brent mentioned that he had picked me up some "chocolate" it was on the counter with the Easter stuff. I picked up this container of M&M's -Easter tube package, and opened it up to have some and yes, there was my ring- and Brent asking me to marry him as I turned around.
Thank goodness that man realized that I was the best thing that could ever happen to him (actually he was the best thing that could ever happen to me!!!) I was so excited! We have now been married 15 years, and have 3 daughters (Notice that the fingernails were ready for the picture even if my hair was not!)

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  1. Love it! " My nails were ready even if my hair was not."
    Great story!



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