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Friday, April 1, 2011

My Church is Lifechurch.tv

I am joining Kelly over at Kelly's Korner today, where the topic is "Show us your life-Tell us about your church" So here I go, I go to Lifechurch.tv South Tulsa campus in Bixby, Ok.

What can I say about how amazing my church is. It is different from any church I have any been to before. It is a multi site church with campuses across the United States, as well as on-line viewing is available. It offers services on Saturday evenings, and Sunday morning and afternoon. It is a come as you are place (yes, this shocked me! I can come in my jeans and sandals if I find myself coming to the Saturday service following my daughters soccer or basketball game).
I thought at first that not dressing up might be distracting from worshipping and learning about God. However it is not, it is actually a relief being a mom of 3 girls, not having to hunt down hair bows and Mary Jane shoes, for little girls to wear and much cheaper just getting to come as you are. I like to think it emphasis the message that we don't have to be perfect for God to accept us, he just wants us to come, just as we are!
You might be thinking how does a multi site campus church works. Pretty simple layout actually. Each campus has their own worship band that leads worship, and has their own campus pastor that helps "Shepherd" the people that come to that campus services. Our head campus pastor is Tome Dawson (below is a lovely picture of him and his wife). They do a wonderful job of greeting people, encouraging them to come back, and just checking in and seeing how you are doing.

The youth director "Rusty" is great!! My oldest daughter brings several kids from church on Wed. nights for the youth group that they call "Switch". Our campus in Bixby also has a great Children's Minister named "Melody". However I am getting ahead of myself. Sorry. At each campus during Sat. or Sunday services, after they worship band leads us in a time of worship, and the campus pastor has greeted us. The air our main pastor "Craig Groeschel" message from the Edmond, Ok campus where he is preaching. Craig is a great preacher. He just tells you how it is. He pulls no punches, he challenges everyone where they are right now in there life to follow Christ's example. Also he challenges those who may not know him to accept Christ as their savior. (Below is a photo of Craig Groeschel).
All I know is that God is working in our church like I have never seen before! There are SO many Adults coming to know the Lord and committing their life to him -it really is just unheard of!! Studies have shown that people that have not made the decision to follow Christ by a certain age, very rarely will come to know the Lord after the age of 18. I tell you what when we have baptism there is a line of adults and teens waiting to be baptised! A line! It is really amazing! You can find the church website at www.lifechurch.tv and see if there is a location by you. Or if you are just on vacation or away from home, but want to hear a sermon you can watch on line as well. Thanks for letting me share about my church! (Below is a photo of my middle daughter Paige on the day she was baptized at the church, after accepting Christ -A Red Letter day for us!)


  1. I've never visited but I've heard great things about your church. Our church recently did Craig Groechel's Christian Atheist study!

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Although I'm committed to Asbury as our home church, I loooove downloading Craig's sermons! Nothin's better than a run outside listening to him give me a good WORD!! :-)

  3. LOVE your church!
    What a great outreach it has with it's great music and Children's programs.



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