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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Parenting Advice wanted

I really do want your advice!! All comments would be appreciated. Let me set up the background for my question:
I was very excited that I had the opportunity last night to attend a "Generation iY" conference by Dr. Tim Elmore! It was entertaining, definitely an eye opener! and a challenge to take a fresh look at how I parent. Generation iY is anyone born from 1994-2002. (Anyone born 2003 are called the "Homeland Generation" (named for the fact that the Homeland security office was established that year and the threat of terrorism is part of the day to day world that they are being raised in) but least I forget where I was going, let me get back to generation iY.
The conference emphasised the strength and weakness of this generation. It also reflected on why, this generation is different from the one I grew up with. What things impact this generation.
Did you know that this generation is larger than the BABY BOOMER generation? I did not know that! Also that this generation is wanting to delay adult hood. In fact College Deans are now saying that 26 is the new 18. Why? Because my generation has been so good at "protecting" their children, instead of balancing that parenting approach with "preparing" our children for adult hood. The Generation iY are graduating High School and going off to college with out the skills (on so many levels) to navigate adulthood. This trend will get worse as this Generation iY continues to grow, unless parents like myself to a step back, and a deep breath. Then start to change some habits that they have gotten into in parenting, and start to "parent with a purpose".

Here is the Question: At my oldest daughters school, if they make a bad score on a test, no big deal they can re-take the test as many times as they want until they get the grade they want. (this is new this year by the way). We don't like this! I am not trying to be mean, but in real life you don't get do overs on a project for work etc... all the time! I really don't think this policy is preparing my kid for the real world or college. We are talking about requesting that my child not be allowed to re-take test next year. If she makes a bad grade, she gets a bad score. Hopeful she will learn she needs to study more. If she makes a good grade then good for her. (Next year is the year before she will enter High School) or do you feel we are being unfair to have our child be "opted" out of options available to the rest of the student body??????
What are your thoughts?


  1. I had no idea that this generation was larger than the Baby-Boomer generation. Interesting stuff!

  2. Umm, if my kids were attending this particular public school, I would opt out of this grading practice. Don't they say public school is supposed to prepare the kids for real life? Ya know, socializing with their peers, testing their knowledge, dealing with authority, etc? What job in the big, bad world allows one to screw up and then do the job over and over with no drama until they get it right? I want that job.

  3. I guess you have to consider a few things here.
    First, does she CARE about bad grades? If she does, then maybe she shouldn't be allowed a redo.
    When I taught 5th grade, I allowed any paper under 70% to be redone for a new grade. The reason I did this is because my goal was to teach a concept, for them to learn it. If a student was going to take the time to redo and then got it right - they probably learned something.
    In the real world you do not have a second chance on everything, but you do get to redo things at your job. If you are constantly redoing things then it is a problem.
    If a student ends up redoing a LOT of work, I promise you that they will learn to get it right the first time. They will work themselves to death learning this.
    I wouldn't worry to much. If it isn't punishment by bad grade, it's punishment by doing work twice. Every time.
    I'd rather have the employee that is willing to correct their mistakes. At your real job, you can't make a "bad grade" and keep your job either.
    Hopefully that makes sense.
    It's fine if you don't agree with me, too. :)



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