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Friday, September 9, 2011

The low down about spin class

I really enjoy going to spin class!! However, I have learned a few things along the way that I really wish someone would have shared with me before I got started. So here is the low down about spin class if you are a newbie:

The first thing, is that the seat is not comfortable!! (you do start to get used to it, after awhile). Until then you have 3 options with dealing with the uncomfortable seat: 1) ignore it & soldier on (not my favorite option -I'm a wimp!) 2). Buy a pair of bike shorts. Bike shorts have extra padding built into them (however it may give the "appearance" that you may be wearing depends, if someone was not aware that you were indeed wearing bike shorts -yikes! No thank you) the 3rd option is my favorite. Invest in a padded seat cover for the bike seat. (see a picture of mine above) I carry mine back & forth from the gym. It is also a pretty inexpensive option $14.00 I believe I paid for it at Target. (worth every penny!!!)

Secondly, drink lots of water prior to class, during class & after class. (with that in mind make sure you use the restroom before class begins)

Lastly, for us females it is so, so very important that you keep your "nether" regions well groomed. During spin class you will be sliding off your seat & going into a standing position on the pedals often, then sliding back onto the seat. If you are not well groomed things could get umm.. Pulled or tugged which would make you very uncomfortable during class.
(which is what I am, as I can't believe I just blogged about this)

Last but not least, you can always modify- you are only competing with yourself. Pushing yourself to do your personal best! Not competing with your neighbor. My class is filled with people of all ages 20, 30, 40,50,60. All sizes itty bitty, to obese. As well as a triathlon competitor, regular 6 days a week bikers, to newbies. Spinning burns a lot of calories and is non impacting on your joints (knees). It is amazing how fast a class passes when you have a good trainer or instructor!

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  1. LOL!!
    There are just some things another gal must share with her friends - now we all know!

  2. I've always wondered about *Spin Classes - now I feel "in the know"! Thanks Friend!! :-)

  3. Great tips. My daughter is opening a spin studio in KC and I need to know somthing about this before I walk in the door. Thanks.



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