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Monday, September 12, 2011

Right choices

Hum.. I am redhead who is pretty outgoing, a talker, and yes even a quick temper. So at the age of 41 God has started to work on my actions or how I choose to word my opinion when I get angry.

Ugh!!! This has been so hard for me!!! My oldest daughter came in crying a few weeks ago because a mother (yes, an adult & a friend of mine got upset with my daughter, based on what her daughter said.) Now I had already heard my daughter's side earlier in the day. Now as a 41 year old I know that there is always two sides to every story, and did I mention that the girls are 13! (oh, the drama!). I was very upset & disappointed that my friend decided to vent about my daughter since she is "friends" with several teens on Facebook and that we are from a small town. However I knew my daughter was watching to see how I would handle this. I took a deep breathe, said a quick prayer and remembered the verse that states:
"A gentle answer deflects anger,

but harsh words make tempers flare. "(Proverbs 15:1 NLT)

So I took another deep breathe and re examined the facts. 1) this mom was a friend of mine 2). It's tough being a mom and sometimes we are all guilty of reacting first. 3)If feelings were hurt I would apologize, however an apology does not mean my daughter's intentions were to hurt her daughters feelings. It simple means we were sorry that their feelings were hurt. 4) The wall of Facebook was not an appropriate place to have this conversation. 5). There is always 2 sides to every story.

By contacting the mom, making an apology it saved not only my friendship, but also kept the situation from escalating and kept our daughters friendship in tact as well.

Now is this how I "felt" Like responding -no! In my own flesh I wanted to let her know that I had a 13 year old who was now crying, and that we teach our children not to air their problems on Facebook, but I knew me being right or wrong was not going to solve this situation. I also knew just because this is how I felt, that this would not have been a right choice before God and my daughter's watchful eyes for me to do. Praise God that he is still shaping and molding me!

Have you ever gotten mad & handled a situation the right way or even an incorrect way?

Being a mom is so hard!!

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