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Friday, September 16, 2011

Lonely, far away

Have you ever heard of the "no parcel" club? It's a nickname given to soldiers who serve in our armed forces in far off countries who do not receive mail or parcel. Men & women who are fighting for my freedom, and serve our country proudly who have no one willing to write them or send care packages filled with such basic goodies that it brings tears to my eyes at how blessed I am.

God laid this burden on my heart. I am a simple stay at home mom. I can't go to forgein lands to love others for Christ. However I can send a letter and a care package once a month to soldiers.

I get my addresses and names from the website. www.anysoldier.com. Sometimes I receive a letter back from a soldier sometimes I don't. That's ok, I know they are busy. However, I know that they feel appreciated, that a stranger cared enough to take some time to send a care package.

Military mom blog has some great ideas for packages her blog is: http://militarymomathome.blogspot.com/2009/01/care-package-ideas.html?m=1

Check it out, for some wonderful ideas! The main thing I have learned is not to mix hygiene products with food items. The website anysoldier.com says at temperatures at 110 no matter how well sealed cookies are if sent with deodorant it will taste like that. (ugh! Who would want to eat deodorant chocolate chip cookies!)

Well if this touches your heart and you have some time to put together a package and write a letter I would encourage you to do so.

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