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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

End of the school year -Grace

Well what a busy year. I am so happy that school has come to a close! The last few weeks have been wild.

My youngest daughter's soccer team competed in a soccer tournament. They won there division. Which was fun. I'm above in the tan baseball hat & my daughter is the red head in front of me.

We live in a small town, so the team's win made the billboard-she was very excited about this, to say the least.

Grace's class had a park day, where parents were invited to come picnic with the kids. Grace is finishing up her 3rd grade year and the month of May is a Big month for her because it's her birthday month.

Grace is so fun, she can remember the lyrics of EVERY song she has ever heard, she is funny like her dad.

Her favorite drink: is a cherry coke from sonic.
Her favorite singer: is Adele
Her favorite tv show is: "shake it up"
Her favorite song at church: "in my father's house"
Her favorite book: Frindle & Diary of a wimpy kid
Her biggest fear: me breaking out in dance in public (if you have seen "diary of a wimpy kid" you know what I am talking about)

Next school year she will be in the school building with out a sibling, all my bigger kids will no longer be in elementary school. Makes me sad to think about.

Things are a changing.

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