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I have discovered it is really hard to be Queen in a household with 3 princesses! Somebody is always borrowing my tiara! Well in between hunting my stuff down I am the proclaimed Queen in the Land of fluff (where my husband swears one day that he will die from glitter lung (you get the picture!) Besides that I am a dieting, exercising, crafting, biblestudying kind of girl.
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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Fun Snail Mail

I have had so much fun participating in the "Elevated Envelope" exchange for Fall! The theme for this swap was "Malicious Surprise" as in fun Trick or Treat style.

So I folded scrapbook paper to look like a tombstone. (with the help of glue & some sewing). I also glued flowers at the bottom of the tombstone like you see.

I used a hole punch and ribbon to make sure the envelope would keep closed in route. Also because this was made in the spirit of fun and for the enjoyment of receiving fun snail mail. I made a little pocket by seeing the sides of a strip of paper & enclosed fun tea that came in the color of orange to complete the look & the package.

Hopefully the people who receive these envelopes will enjoy them!

I hope your having a good week & enjoying this fall weather!



  1. You are so darn crafty! What a good job you did and someone is gonna be very excited when they go to their mailbox!! :-)

  2. Thank you for the beautiful envelope Amy!!! I liked both the teas you've sent me in this package. I love tasting different types of teas.



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