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Thursday, October 11, 2012

By the way.....

The other morning my youngest daughter came and climbed in bed with me to snuggle for a few minutes before she got up and started to get around. It's our morning routine. However, on this morning my precious daughter said "oh, mom. By the way,I threw up last night in my sleep." which I asked "did it get on your new comforter?", which she answered "no, just the floor and a shoe."

Now you and me both know I felt tired upon hearing this. I wasn't even out of bed yet and I already had a surprise mess to pick up and clean. It wasn't like anyone else was going to come clean it up. (I did not get angry at her, i just groaned in my mind and thought great! Then I went back to sleep. Since no one else was going to clean it up, it would have to wait until I was awake)

Then God spoke to me, and gently showed me that when I explode in anger it was a lot like throw up, but he had to Clean the mess up by working in my heart.
Just like I could not ignore the mess in my daughter's room, I could not ignore the mess of emotions & thoughts inside me. It's best to let God come into my heart and mind open the window air out it all out. Wash it all up, sanitize it, and be someone who can share the love of Christ.
I am really learning a lot through the Unglued Bible study! God is using this to teach me how to control my emotions, in a world that encourages us to just "tell us how you feel", "you can't be wrong if it's how you Feel". That is not the truth, that is a lie because based on that thought that gives fuel for my feelings, to take control of my thought life, then produces ugly, un-Christ like actions. I need to submit my emotions and feelings to God so that I can grow to be more like him in words, actions, and deeds.


  1. Amy,

    Love your analogy. The Lord has to clean up all the messes in our lives that our mouth and emotions create in our hearts.

    OBD Group Leader

  2. At first I gasped in horror and then I laughed! Kids are so funny! Last week I lay in bed with Evan while we talked during bed time. "Did you pee your bed?" His response in exasperation, "Yes I did! And we have to wash my sheets right now!" Oh boy, we didn't wash the sheets that night and reminded him to tell me in the mornings if there is an accident.

    THen I kept reading your post and you go a litter deeper. You are so right with your analogy and I love it! I am learning how to overcome my strong emotions and not be led by them. It's hard and painful most days.

    Your words today reiterate what I am learning and thinking in my own heart. I'm actually writing a series about "Letting Go" that turns out to be pretty connected with my emotions.

  3. Sometimes our anger is just being overwhelmed. And I like your thought of God cleaning up after us. My grandson climbed in bed with me the other morning, with his dog and cuddles up with me at 4:30 am. When his mother asked him why he doesn't do that to her I thought, because if he wasn't able to go back to sleep then he knew I'd get up and not send him back to his bed like you did. At least she didn't have to sleep in it. I found that a time or two when my girls were growing up. Enjoy your walks with the girls and God.

  4. Enjoyed this post Amy. Have a great weekend. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  5. Deep Thoughts by Amy. :)
    Thanks for sharing this. Hope she is on the mend?
    Miss you, friend.



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