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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Learning a new way

When I first got married, I threw myself in to learning how to cook, how to entertain. That's how I meet Martha Stewart. Oh, not in person but I would meet her daily through her tv show and many books. Needless to say my "To do" list grew.

Then when I became a mother. I read tons of books and took classes. Heard all kinds of advice. Needless to say my "To do" list grew as well as what I thought was or made a good mom. Heck, a great mom and wife.

Busy and hectic was how I would describe my life. I was proud of it I wore it like a badge. It was my proof that I was doing.

Doing what should have been my question. I became exhausted but I thought that was what I needed to be doing. However, God has been showing me there is a better way.

Instead of rushing through life. God wants me to Slow down!! Yes, that means saying "no" to volunteering and doing. However by slowing down I began to see, I mean really see the people in my life and the people I encountered. I became aware of needs. By slowing down I also had the time to invest and pour Gods love into their life. Through practical needs and words of encouragement.

What have you been to busy to see or notice? Who are you trying to imitate Martha Stewart? The "fun mom" down the street? Or Christ?


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