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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Self Esteem

We have all known people that have high self esteem, good self esteem, and low self-esteem.   Self-esteem I have learned has nothing to do with how you look on the outside.  

It's odd, I have meet some really beautiful women who have the lowest self esteem.  Then I've meet some ladies, who the world would not classify as beauty's yet their self esteem us good. 

I think part of it is personality type, and Zi think part of it is "what you value" about yourself.  If you "value" is based on "your" looks & "your" deeds.  I think we might all struggle with low self-esteem at times.  However, if we find our value & base our "value" o. Who God says we are. Well then I think we will have healthy  self-esteem.
As a mom of 3 daughters I am constantly reminding them "who they are" in Christ, and what the bible says about them.  Yet in the teen years, and with hormone fluctuations good self esteem tends at time to come and go.  I pray that my girls would not have to struggle so hard with knowing their value.  

Any mom's of girls out there that have any advice? Or seen their own daughter's struggle with this issue? 

Yet, I know as a women it hard to keep good self-esteem being barraged day after day, with what the world says is pretty, competent, and what others say about us.  

Please leave any advice, comment on how you deal with this issue personally or as a parent! 

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