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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

What! The dictionary must be wrong!

Well after being home for 15 years I have ventured back into the work force working about 24 hours a week.  I am learning the "key" to my sanity is prep, prep & more preparation.

So when I was gathering my thoughts to blog I decided to look at the definition for "preparation", I was shocked.  It is listed as a noun! A noun!!  It really should be a verb!!!  Preparation takes work, time, it's action oriented!

  • 1 : the action or process of makingsomething ready for use or service or of getting ready for some occasion,test, or duty
  • 2 : a state of being prepared
  • 3 : a preparatory act or measure
  • 4 : something that is prepared;specifically : a medicinal substancemade ready for use

For me to be "prepared". I lay out my clothes the night before (just like I have my kids do!). I make a menu for the week.  I've planned crock pot recipes or casseroles that are put together ready to bake for the days I work.  I set my alarm really early so I have time to do my quiet time & eat breakfast, then get around and leave in time where I don't have to rush to get to work.  Peace is key to me enjoying my little job.   

It's been a change, but one I enjoy.  I think as long as I prep and keep it stress free it will be something I really enjoy!   

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