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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Book Review: The style strategy: a less-is-more approach to staying chic and shopping

Well I will be honest - this book caught my eye completely based on it's title and the description. I was surprised to see that Project Runway judge Nina Garcia was the author. I personally have always found her professional, well spoken, but not necessarily the lady I feel like having girl talk with over a diet coke. Well let me be the first to admit - I was wrong!!!
Nina Garcia is so personable in this book, and really relates to the struggle the mere woman has with shopping and trying to put together an attractive wardrobe on a budget. I really enjoyed this book! I had my highlighter out highlighting her different advice and I can not wait to get my hands on her other books!! If you have not read one of her books - I suggest you run not walk to get your hands on one of them BEFORE you shop for your fall wardrobe!!

Remember the post I did about 4 things every lady needs and I confessed that I did not have a scarf. My good friend Jayna surprised me the other day with the beautiful pink scarf! The picture of the boots well that is a story in itself -( I confess I already had a pair -it was the 1 thing I had from the list of 4). However the other day I was out and went garage sale shopping and found these black, Banana Republic boots for only $2.00!!!!


  1. Oh....I need a scarf like that!
    And those boots are a great wardrobe staple.

  2. I am a scarf fanatic and that pink one is gorgeous!

    I love Nina Garcia's books. I've read all of them, but that one is probably my favorite. It really made me want to get out and go shopping!

  3. The boots & scarf are awesome! $2 BR Boots = incredible deal!
    Thank you for your sweet comments today! Your Encouragement blessed me.

  4. 2 dollars! WOW you are good!
    I just read your list on the 4 essentials. I have the leggings, boots, scarf and leather jacket...But it is all black! I need a colored scarf i think. Love your pink one!
    I would say a must have is a fun necklace!

  5. I am so thankful for this valuable advice. I am going to find a copy of this book. The BR boots are a great find for only 2.00. I love bargains!

  6. Oh how I get giddy reading about awesome Garage Sale finds!! YIPPEE! There is just nothin' like a steal of a deal! :)



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