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Monday, July 19, 2010

RHOK Linky Party-What room are you most comfortable in?

Hi! I am participating with the lovely ladies over at the RHOK mclinky monday-where they challenged each of us to take a quiz. The quiz told us what room we are most comfortable in. Well quiet please, drum roll now.... I am most at home in the living room (Say what? I am shocked that it did not say that I was most comfortable soaking in a hot bubble bath!)

You Are Most at Home in the Living Room

You're the type of person who always feels relaxed at home. In many ways, it's where you're at your best.
You love to chill out at home. You are not the biggest homebody in the world, but you appreciate the time you spend there.

There's nothing like having a few friends over to watch a movie or just talk in your living room.
You are proud of the home you've created, and you love to share it with others.

Now I will confess I do not think you truly can get to know someone until you have kicked off your shoes and really visited in each others homes. My very best friends even have "Messy home privileges" (GASP!! I Know your shocked I do occasionally have a messy home,, and those sweet dear friends are the few besides family that I trust can come on in, and not judge me and still like me anyways!)

So I challenge you to take the quiz and learn
what room are you most comfortable in?

or if you just know you know, well then let me know! - what room are you most comfortable in?? Inquiring minds want to know! Operators are standing by...

Happy Monday!


  1. Surely you must have answered a question wrong as I KNOW there's not much you like better than soaking in your bathtub while talking on the phone!! LOL I'm off to see what "my room" checks out to be. I would say "living room in front of the TV".

  2. I'm a living room too! Oh and I know what you mean about "messy home privileges" ;)

  3. Oh, we are so destined to be friends! I'm a living room as well. And, remember? we both like to eat our popcorn with hot tamales!! =)

    Thanks for playing along with us this week at The RHOK!

  4. I'd be surprised if all bloggers weren't Living Room people. I am! All the best people are you know. ;)

  5. ha ha very funny quiz. I must say I'm most comfortable in my bedroom. I somehow always end up in there, watching a tv show online, reading a good book. Definitely the bedroom

  6. Thanks for pointing me to the quiz. Turns out I'm more comfortable in the bedroom--and I guess that would be true because I like to sleep in as much as I can.

  7. I had to give up soaking in the tub when I tore my left knee up because I can't get on my knees anymore. Breaks my heart! My first answer was the bedroom but I argued with it a bit (since I was wishy washy on a few answers) and it said living room! As long as it didn't say kitchen ... we're cool!

  8. I'm a living room too! I'm *gasping* at your messy home privileges!! I won't hardly let my mom in my house if it's a mess! I'm a little OCD about it. LOL.

  9. Anther living room person. Join the rest of us in the living room so we can enjoy Priss's cookies.

  10. The tiny room off of our kitchen. It is a TV room, exercise room and craft room all combined. It is cozy and inviting, and I love curling up on the sofa with my coffee and a good book, or sitting with my friends and sharing our hearts. Good question my friend.

  11. I'm a bedroom person! And I have to admit that I love climbing up in my bed to watch TV! LOL! Great quiz.:)

  12. Enjoyed a first visit and this post!!! Following....

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