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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

What are you doing this summer??

I am always fascinated by what other people are doing with their free time over the summer! Summer oh, how I love the no schedules, the sleeping in, the pool time, however I do try to do somethings as well.

When my kids were young (meaning they took 2 hour nap/quiet time in the afternoon) I used to try to do Christmas crafts in July ,that included getting the girls involved in making christmas crafts for their grandparents.
However I laugh as I have had to research this year manners for facebook to teach my daughters. I often use the summer time now to try to teach my girls manners and etiquette -things that during the busy school year when you add practices we just do not have time to focus on. We also take an hour three days a week and review math, English,I have one working on cursive, and practicing taking test. We also work on age appropriate skills in reference to housekeeping, and cooking. After all as a mom my goal should be to work myself out of a job (I have heard that somewhere-sorry if I am not giving credit I don't remember where/from who I heard that but it is true I want to grow competent, accomplished, well rounded individuals) thus each summer is a teachable one. I do take Thurs. and Fridays as our play days- we go to movies, the pool etc...
I started by researching companies that teach children these lessons. I looked at what topic they covered and researched some books from the library and looked at what was out there on blog world to develop my own course for my daughters.
My girls are different ages, so I have tried to create a program that is geared to each girl.

The most useful and original (at least to me) was a guide on how to remember to set the table. I found on the blog Jugglingfrogs ! This wonderful blogger explained how to use Mnemonic to remember how to set a table correctly. I added the dessert fork and coffee spoon to her lesson for my daughters.

So What do you do with your extra time during the summer???

(Also a special thanks! for the the sweet comments I received on my previous post -Thank you for your support!! I will be praying for you girls as well!)

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