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Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Last night my family and I watched the 9/11 documentary that was on TV. Beyond remembering how shocking that day was. How watching the rescue workers work for weeks following that day was heroic.

I remember reading that cookbook sales surged and church attendance grew. Why? Was being vividly reminded that life is short made us pause and prioritize what was really important. How did we really want to spend our time. Yes, I think it did for awhile.

However as humans our memories can be short at times, our calendars slowly were filled back up. We returned to being busy. Now when we are. Not out and about many of us are guilty of having our head down above a computer or iPhone. Yes, I will be working on doing better.

Isn't that one lesson that we can take with us. Remembering to pause and really focus on the people who God has given us to fill our lives (the ones we love & the ones we are learning to love). That's my prayer today.

Lord please keep me from being so busy that I miss the opportunity to have face time with those that I love and those you want me to learn to love. Amen



  1. I'm sorry I missed the documentary on TV!

    Yes, it tends to take something huge to make us realize what is important in life. The question is: How do we hold on to that mindset?

  2. Thanks for the reminder...oh, how I want to focus on what matters for an eternity rather than what seems so pressing today. Praying along with you...xoxo.



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