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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Life lessons are not learned in kindergarten

Oh don't get me wrong, you can learn how to line up, and be nice to those who are nice to you in kindergarten. However "real" life lessons like sharing, be thoughtful, making allowances for people that are different from you, being thoughtful-those lessons are learned by sharing a bathroom with your siblings!

Siblings won't hesitate to tell you when you are not thoughtful, when you are being a slob, when you are hogging the mirror or when you use up all the hot water!

These are such important lessons to learn. When I hear my girls fuss. Yes, I admit with 3 girls in one household sharing a bathroom they let each other know when they are being rude, unthoughtful, or heaven forbid if they use something of theirs without asking. I remind myself that future college roommates and my girls future spouses will thank me one day for raising such thoughtful, pick up after themselves, sharing
,kindhearted daughters.

But for now, I better get off here and go referee the latest argument erupting upstairs from the bathroom.



  1. Oh yes, I remember the terrors of having to share a bathroom with my 3 younger brothers. It got even worse when they figured out they could lock the door!

  2. We didn't get a second bathroom until right before my 5th sibling was born! And he was thankfully the last! I sometimes wonder what we did when we all got a virus at one time! :(

    I do remember the sharing with sisters too! Once I was wearing a sweater that was my sisters and ran in to her at some function and she said rather loudly "TAKE MY SWEATER OFF RIGHT NOW!" AWWKWARD!!!

  3. Haha! That is too funny and reminded me of the time when I was about 15 and getting ready to get in the shower. The faucet handle came off and hot water was shooting straight at the wall and my 9 year old brother came running in to see why I was screaming. He saw me in all my nakedness. I was so mad and embarrassed. We never had more than one bathroom when I was growing up. I feel so rich having 3 now for just my husband and I.

    My sister and I growing up always shared not only the bathroom with family, but she and I shared our bedroom, and the bed as well.

  4. My sister and I still talk about the horrors of sharing a bathroom. Trust me, it is different when you share with friends (roommates) later on! I can't say my sister or I look back on those days fondly.

  5. Five of us siblings shared one bathroom as we were growing up. You think the Middle East is bad today, you should have seen us a few of the times over the years:) But, we learned how to share and how to make the time in the bathroom last for only a few minutes. Thanks for the memories you evoked.



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