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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

You have mail

Do you remember way back when you used to sign on the dial up internet, if you had an email a voice would say "you have mail". I couldn't help it my pulse would speed up I would be excited to see who had sent little ole me an email. Well now days that is almost the only correspondence I receive.

The world has pretty much gone paperless in between emails, texting, & even news media have gone to digital format. I guess that's why I love real mail. The kind you can touch, the type that traveled some distance to arrive in your mailbox.

If you love mail, or your looking for a neat way to teach your children about the geography of the world. Or you like stamps from different parts of the world you might consider "Postcrossing".

Postcrossing is a free website you can sign up to receive random generated addresses around the world to send a postcard to. You write a short note about your area you live in, then mail it off. Your address is generated at random to another person to receive a postcard.

I have enjoyed this but my kids have even enjoyed it more.

Who knows, where your mail will come from next!


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  1. I used to be really excited for emails and then facebook notifications. Now, more often than not, I get junk emails in my inbox and annoying "invitations" for games and other weird stuff on facebook. I thing the postcrossing website might be good for me and my son to do during preschool! Thanks for the idea!



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