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Monday, August 23, 2010

How is your love story?

How is your love story?
We all have one- some of us are busy living our love stories right now, and others have not yet met their leading man in their love story.
However one thing is for certain -
you have an active, role as the leading lady in your own love story!!

That is why my favorite movie of the summer was "Love letters to Juliet" it reminds each of us - Age does not matter!! We each have a love story to live !
So how is your love story - is it steamy? Is it exciting? Is it adventurous? Is it a comedy?
or have you stepped out of your own love story and surrendered it to the overwhelming demands of day to day life??

Well I am challenging each of you to snap out of it!!
If you can not say you have an exciting, or steamy love life -
well why not??
You are the leading lady - so get busy leading or encouraging him to play again!! Need some ideas well.... (here is a secret: it's a great website that encourages you to start dating your mate, add a little bit of fun and excitement back into your life. Breathe a bit of fresh life back into your love relationship with these great ideas found at The Dating Diva website but shush! It's a secret!)
Also if you want more try these books for some other great ideas: "Creative Dating" by Doug Fields, and Todd Temple, or "1001 ways to be Romantic" by Gregory J.P. Godek, or my very favorite that every wife could benefit from "Light his fire" by Ellen Kreidman!! (The last book would make a new bride a great wedding gift!)

So leave me a comment (if you dare!) and give a one word that describes your love life! and if it's not what you would want - girl get busy changing it!!!

Also if you have not entered my give away (my very first one!!) look for the previous post titles "I'm not Oprah but..." and leave me a comment to be entered!- You have until this Wed.!!!!

So I will leave you with a description of my love life: "it's getting hotter!"


  1. Hmmmm. You know I won't comment about my love life. :)
    I will say I love how you are such a passionate woman who makes this a priority.
    I've been dying to see that movie!

  2. I've always loved your PASSION for PASSION! And, these days...I could use a little rubbed off on me! :)



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