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Thursday, August 19, 2010

I know I'm not Oprah but....

I know I'm not Oprah but..... here is a few of my Favorite things this last few months:

Favorite relaxing thing: Spa comfort eye pillows

You can get this on Amazon (I purchased mine at a local spa) but "I love it!!" I heat this pillow up in the microwave for about 45-50 seconds then lay on top of my eyes as I relax or try to go to sleep - heaven!!!

My second favorite thing of the summer: If you missed the season finale of "Modern Family" stop what you are doing and go watch this episode!

This last episode is so funny!! Especially from a "mom's point of view" whenever you find yourself harping, being a little obsessive, trying to be perfect, or get your family to be perfect - you just have to watch this - be prepared to laugh!!! Especially if you tried to take a family picture this year on the beach!!!

The third favorite thing of mine: being a "non morning kinda of gal" I just love how a cool hat, and shades can get a mom through the car line for back 2 school in style!!!

My fourth favorite thing is my handy dandy drink:

Yep, that's right I love Happy Hour at Sonic, and my favorite is a "vanilla diet Dr. Pepper"

My fifth favorite thing this summer is the new TV show "Rubicon" on AMC:

Such a good thriller!!!!! It will keep you on your toes, and looking over your shoulder!

My very favorite movie of the summer had to be: "letters to Juliet"

Which I will go into more details "why" on tomorrow's post.

I hope you all enjoyed your summer, and your "back to school" has started off on a good foot!!

Have you tried any of the above?
What are your favorite things from the last few months?

and for your chance to win your very own "spa comfort eye pillow" and a $5.00 Sonic gift card for your very own handy dandy drink... Just leave me a comment in the comment section, and a way to contact you in case you are the lucky winner of the drawing. (I will be drawing the lucky winner next Thursday - so you have until next Wednesday night at midnight to enter) Good Luck!!!


  1. one of those pillows would have been good night b4 last...no shut eye for me...stupid hormones! put my name in , please!

  2. I haven't seen/done/had any of those - which is pretty amazing. LOL!

    Of course, I've had a drink from Sonic, just not vanilla dr. pepper.

    I'll check out the movie/shows you mentioned. I love me some TV.

    I LOVE the hat. I want one. I also would be thrilled to win the eye pillow and GC - oh, yes I would!

  3. What fun to read this list and learn more about you. I have not done or tried any of the things on this list but I is a great list. I will remember your suggestions.

    My list of favorites lately;
    The amazing sunsets I've experienced the last few weeks
    My early morning coffee...lots of wonderful hot coffee
    My Sirius radio. I can listen to all my favorite music, in the car or at home without any advertisements.
    Reading on my screened in porch.
    Just a few of my recent summer favorites.
    Thanks again for sharing yours.

  4. Loved reading this. I too love a good pair of sunglasses, especially when I'm too lazy to put on makeup! Can't wear hats--they give me a headache, but I do like a ponytail now and then. My favorite things this summer are all under the age of 4, under 3 ft tall, and unfortunately live in other states!

  5. I think we might be related! I could have wrote this list! LOVE Dt Dr pep w/ vanilla!!! and modern fam well the only thing I cant say i know 100% about is the movie...cuz yanno i have a movie theater phobia LOL BUT since you liked it i am certain i will too!

  6. Some pretty cool stuff! I've been meaning to watch all the episodes of Modern Family that I got recorded -I will have to watch that 1 for sure! 1 of my fav spa things I got recently as a gift are these gel wrap things for my feet -my feet get hot a lot- and you keep these in fridge and they help cool off my feet :)
    Enter me to win~ mommayhem@gmail.com

  7. Love Modern Family. Haven't seen Rubicon or Letters to Julia but they will now be on my to do list.
    I would recommend reading The Help, Benefit's eyebrow pencil and I never did my eyebrows. I am a blonde. I thought they were fine until I stopped at the Benefit counter and the sales person used this on me.
    Loved Bethany Getting Married? and Mad Men and reading your blog. :)

  8. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Modern Family. We laughed out loud every time we watch, even reruns. Can't wait for the new season :)

    We're still out of school for 2 more wks, but I cant totally relate to a good hat/glasses.

  9. Haven't seen the movie yet and I hadn't heard of Rubicon? Sounds like a show I would love!!
    You know how to find me. :)



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