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Thursday, August 19, 2010

My firstborn is 12!!

My first born turned 12 this week - Her name is Kaylee and she is beautiful, tender hearted, and kind. This post is about her.

Kaylee your favorite color is: purple (it would be Zebra print if "zebra" could be a color)

your sister Paige loves doing: gymnastics with you, and thinks you are so funny

your sister Grace thinks you are so pretty, and nice.

You amaze me and your father monthly that you have an amazing ability to average 4,000 text messages a month

Your favorite movie (right now): is Eclipse (from the Twilight series) and Step Up 3

Your favorite singer/band is: Katie Perry (you have sung her songs all summer)

You love the Beach! It is a place that you seem right at home at. It is one of your favorite places for us to travel to.

You love Mexican food, and pizza but chocolate cheesecake is your absolute favorite!

You love going to church and being active in your youth group at Livechurch.tv - We have even had to bring 2 cars some nights so that we could bring you, your sisters, and all the friends you bring with you to church. Your favorite small group leader is Brecken. You think your youth pastor Rusty is the best - (he even swallowed a live fish when your youth group brought a large # of teens on a Wednesday night).

your a fashionista - you love shopping and putting together different looks. Your favorite stores right now are Aeropostle, Hollister, Forever 21, American Eagle and Aerie

Your favorite tv shows are: Pretty Little Liars, Make it or Break it, Chuck,

Your favorite song right now is: Club can't handle me

and Your favorite saying is: Live-Laugh-Love

I just think you are amazing! I am very proud of you- Happy Birthday Kaylee!


  1. Happy Birthday!!! Tell her next time I make Chocolate Tuxedo Cheesecake, I'll send a piece over. :)

  2. Happy Birthday Kaylee!!! This post is lovely!!

  3. awww what a Beautiful daughter and beautiful post! Happy Belated Birthday Kaylee

  4. Ahww -Happy Birthday! My daughter recently turned 12 as well :)



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