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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

keeping it real

Well I have not blogged much this last week because.....I fractured my elbow while I was jogging- ugh!! So this weeks total was

2 miles run/walking/falling

You see I was jogging enjoying the wonderful weather, the beautiful view (down on riverside drive) when I fell (just rolled my ankle - over what I am not even sure!!) . When I was falling I put my hands up to brace for impact and well the left arm bone was shoved into my elbow joint on impact. --OUCH!!! However what does any red blooded woman do???

Well we quickly look around to make sure no one is videoing your fall to upload to YouTube -whew! Doesn't look like it - one very nice biker stopped to see if I was OK, but did I mention he asked "mam, are you OK?" I don't know what was worse being called "Ma'am" or being on the ground hurt. So of course I thank the nice gentleman, as I brush myself off, and get up and finish my jog and go to Starbucks for a coffee before my pride allows me to inventory possible injuries. Thus when I realized I had started to loose the use of my left hand and decided it was time to call wonderful hubby in to take me to the urgent care.

Did I tell you that my whole family is trying to give me away for free right now - I am horrible patient, who feels bad, likes to whine, and really sick of being in my house - who can not right now tie her shoes or clasp her own bra. Thus unless it is coffee with the girlfriends (who do not care if I am bra less) I have been pretty much stuck in my house driving everyone crazy.

So how is that for keeping it real??????


  1. OH NO!! I'm so sorry :( I hope you heal fast!!!

  2. Ouch! I hope you are better very soon!

  3. OUCH...sorry about the fracture and hope you are better soon!

  4. Ouch! You know my only (knock on wood) broken bone was very similar to this -I fell down some stairs and went to brace for the fall and yep broke my elbow - the sling brings back the memories -It is so hard not be able to do much! Hope you get better soon! -and glad noone recorded and posted your fall to youtube ;)

  5. How much longer in the sling?
    Do I need to come over and clasp your bra?!

  6. I did that same thing a few years ago only I was helping my daughter move and tripped over a stump in the yard. Hurt like heck! Hope you heal fast!

  7. I am so sorry to hear about the break! Better the arm than your face. I'm glad your reflex was to brace yourself with your arm.

  8. Oh girlfriend, I can so relate. I broke my left arm, fortunately I am right handed, this spring right before an art show. I just fell off of a step. I wanted to make up a story that was much more interesting. I felt like I was 110 when they sent me home with fall precautions. Really? I was eventually able to do my bra but I also couldn't pull my hair into a pony tail - something I like to do almost daily. Even drying my hair was an effort. It's been about four and a half months. I am close to normal again and you will get through this but it is damn frustrating. Go ahead and whine and then have some wine. Dr. Rosenfeld on Fox said we should have a glass a day. :)

  9. just stopping back by to check on you...hope your doing okay!



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